Why Video Hosting is a Necessity for Websites

video hosting

Video hosting has become a necessary tool for websites, especially for those that have large amounts of videos. Vimeo is an excellent option for creators and business owners. Vimeo focuses on delivering high-definition content. It offers a 4K playback option, and requires no additional bandwidth. Additionally, Vimeo supports high-definition videos out of the box. To create a video on Vimeo, you simply upload the video on your desktop or from a cloud service.

Adding videos to your website increases the time visitors spend on your site. While it is true that adding videos to your website will increase traffic and average time on site, it can eat up server space and storage space. Besides, it can negatively affect your website’s ranking in search engine results. Instead of storing and uploading videos, consider using a video hosting platform. You’ll benefit from many benefits by incorporating video content into your website.

Video hosting platforms that offer free services tend to have poor features. Free platforms may retain ownership of your content. They might demonetize your content, lose it in search, or even delete it without warning. If you’re running a business based on video content, this could be devastating. However, free platforms often offer a discount. In addition, you should look for high uptime and reliability, as well as bandwidth and storage limitations. This way, you’ll be able to see how many people are watching your videos, and determine which ones are not.

Wistia offers professional video hosting. You can use their free service for up to 3 videos, or upgrade to a pro account for a limited amount of videos. Wistia premium accounts also remove their branding from the video player, and include analytics. SproutVideo is a business-oriented video hosting service that features tools for marketing teams. It allows you to embed ad-free videos and integrate social sharing buttons, call-to-action buttons, and annotations.