How to Edit Your WordPress Header

wordpress header bearbeiten

WordPress allows you to customize the header of your website. It’s the area of your website where visitors will first see your logo and menu. The header of your website is actually made up of two main parts, the head and the body. This section contains a wide array of unsichtable elements, which you can choose to remove or edit. Below are some tips for customizing your header. Read on to learn how to customize your header in WordPress.

The HTML-Head stands between the offnedem head and the body of the page and contains Meta-Tags and the WordPress-function wp_head. There is also a special area for placing other elements within the HTML-Head, known as the “hook”. The /head> tag is located after the wp_head() call. Regardless of which stylesheet you choose to use, you should remember that you should never place additional elements manually in the header of your WordPress site.

Before you begin editing your WordPress header, it’s important to understand a little about HTML. Header code is a section of HTML that displays the visible elements of the page. For example, a site’s logo and main page menu are often located here. The HTML document contains two parts – the HTML head and the HTML body. The HTML head contains the visible elements, while the body contains the invisible ones. The HTML header will show the page’s menu, logo, and other elements.