How to Fix the ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error in Chrome


The ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error error occurs when your browser is unable to initiate or access a secured communication. This can happen due to several different reasons, including the wrong date or time, outdated browser files, or an old version of the browser. Regardless of the cause, it’s best to focus on finding a solution as soon as possible. The next time you encounter this error, here are some simple tips for fixing the problem.

Clear the cache. A corrupted HOST file can cause SSL failure. If you notice that your browser is displaying an error message, you should replace it. You can also try clearing your cookies and cache. Clearing these items will remove existing data and make room for new information. You should be able to resolve the ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error by following the steps above.

Remove SSL state. Your browser stores SSL certificates in its cache memory. Deleting the SSL state will speed up your browser’s performance. In order to delete SSL state, navigate to the Advanced section and click on the System option. If the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR occurs when browsing the internet, delete the SSL state. You can also try to remove the SSL certificate by restarting your browser.

The SSL protocol is a secure connection that encrypts data. If you’re seeing this message, it’s because your web browser has not been able to establish a secure connection. This error message is generally caused by extensions that are installed on your browser. You should check to see if any extensions are installed on your computer and then disable them. Otherwise, you can fix the problem manually.