How to Fix the Server Certificate Does Not Include an ID Which Matches the Server Name Error

server certificate does not include an id which matches the server name

Occasionally you may encounter an error titled “Server Certificate Does Not Include an ID Which Matches the Server Name” when setting up SSL on an Apache or similar web hosting technology. The error means that the server’s certificate doesn’t match the name specified in the configuration file. Despite its ominous title, you don’t need to worry; there are a few simple ways to fix this error.

Typically, this problem is caused by outdated certificates and can be easily fixed. You can check whether your server’s certificate is valid by running sudo openssl req. Then, replace KeyFile with the text displayed by cat. Then, restart the service to see the changes. If the error is still there, you may need to reinstall the server certificate.

When adding Certificate Services to a Windows server, you create a database for the certificates. The database is named after the CA. If your server is connected via Telnet, it should use the port 23. Alternatively, you can change the port to any other available port. Port 21 is associated with FTP. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority oversees the allocation of IP addresses. Using an SSL certificate for a name-based virtual host requires a web server running the latest version of 2.2.12 or later.