Kinsta Vs O2switch – A Comparison of Two WordPress Hosting Services

kinsta vs o2switch

The key difference between Kinsta and o2switch is the CDN service. The former offers high-throughput, low-latency hosting. Users can enable the CDN from the MyKinsta dashboard and it spans over 200 cities across five continents. o2switch, on the other hand, does not include a CDN out of the box and users must manually set it up, incurring additional costs.

Unlike the free version of o2switch, the paid plans of Kinsta offer a customized APM tool, which gives you key insights into WordPress performance. O2switch’s APM tool does not come free, however, so users will have to pay to access it. The free Kinsta APM tool also lets you use a variety of CMS options through the cPanel, a feature lacking in o2switch.

Both services offer SSH access, though the former requires support to enable it. Both services offer six different types of backups, including archive, zip, and compressed files. Backups can be downloaded or sent to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3. Users can also access their backups in a single click. However, o2switch lacks a reverse proxy. A comparison of o2switch and kinsta can help you decide which hosting service best fits your needs.