What is AMP WordPress?

what is amp wordpress

What is AMP WordPress? Well, it’s the second version of a web page. It uses the rel-amphtml tag to link to the original post. This tag helps search engines read code faster. However, the user is still the owner of the content. AMP is a good choice if you’d like to boost your mobile traffic and see better page loading times. AMP is an extremely simple to install plugin, and you can easily use it to optimize your site.

Using the Google AMP Preview Tool is an effective way to check whether your website supports AMP. It shows the preview of your AMP page in the Google search results and identifies any code errors. Afterward, you can share the results with your audience. There are two ways to validate your AMP WordPress website: manually and automatically. In the first method, you’ll need to open the developer tools console in Firefox. In the second method, you’ll need to enter the AMP URL in the URL box. If it shows any errors, click on the red arrow and read the explanation.

The AMP project was developed by Google as a way to improve the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. By reducing the size of web pages, Google can increase their ranking. However, the speed of a website’s loading time can be detrimental to the overall success of the website. For example, every second it takes for a page to load decreases conversions by 12%. AMP plugins can help you improve loading time without sacrificing the content.