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How to Add a Story Block to WordPress

story block

A story block is an idea that relates to a historical event. It can be an historical event, a fictional event, or a hybrid of both. It takes the audience out of the present moment to highlight the differences between then and now, or to illustrate that history is cyclical and repeats itself. There are many different story blocks you can create, each with its own benefits. Read on to learn about the three most popular types of story blocks.

To add a Story block, click the “Add Block” button, then click the text “Story.” You can also choose to include an image or video. If you have an image, choose the Upload or Select Media option to insert it into your Story. Once you have uploaded your media, you can save the Story block as a published post and it will appear on the front end of your site. If you have written a story, you can add text to it and share it with your followers.

To edit the order of your Story Block, drag the edges of the Lane to change the sequence of events. Once you’re done editing the text or images, drag and drop the Story Block to the desired location. You can also adjust the layout by dragging the edges of the Lane to make room for additional Story Blocks. When editing your Story Block, make sure to check that it’s aligned correctly. That way, your story will look its best.