How to Make a Portfolio on WordPress

how to make portfolio on wordpress

If you want to showcase your works on your website, you may be wondering how to make a portfolio on WordPress. Well, the process is fairly simple. First, navigate to the left-hand admin panel and click Manage Media. Select your desired media. Most people use photos or videos to showcase their work. You can add a thumbnail for each of them, choose the title and URL for the video, and also add any media tags you might need. If you are displaying videos, you can add a lightbox so that your visitors can see the video.

Once you have set up the theme, you can start adding items to your portfolio. These items need to have a title, description, and filters. The filters allow visitors to sort the portfolio items and can be found in the config tab below the post editor. You can also add videos and upload images to your portfolio items. When someone clicks on an item in your portfolio, a popup image will appear. The featured image will also appear on your portfolio grid.

If you want to include more PDFs, you can embed them in your portfolio. You can find plugins and themes for this and more in the WordPress directory. You can also find developer resources for any plugin or theme that you use to create a beautiful portfolio. You can even create your own custom fields if you wish. If you are not sure what kind of portfolio you need, you can create a test portfolio first.