What Is a Visual Page Builder?

visual page builder

If you haven’t heard of visual page builder before, you’re not alone. Until recently, anyone without coding knowledge was unable to build a simple landing page or sales page. Unless you were willing to spend a lot of money on a web developer, you had to rely on a web designer or developer. But these services also came with huge costs, and these professionals worked with HTML and CSS.

A visual page builder lets you add and customize your pages in a variety of ways. The main tool lets you add different elements to your page, including a theme. This tool contains elements separated into three sections. These sections are typically composed of different columns and can be used to create a wide-range of pages. You can also add different kinds of content, such as testimonials or contact forms. Adding these elements will allow you to customize your site and your content.

Divi is a visual page builder that lets you add and remove modules. Each row can hold any number of modules. Modules are content blocks that allow you to build a variety of layouts. Divi has more than 40 different modules to choose from, ranging from text, images, and buttons to eCommerce shops and portfolio galleries. Divi is easy to use and offers a wealth of customization options. The visual page builder allows you to create a site that reflects your brand and your message.