How to Get the Most Out of the Google Performance Test

google performance test

To make the most out of Google’s performance test, you need to know what to expect. This is not a real test, however. Instead of giving a real speed value, Google gives you a theoretical speed value based on the criteria it has developed. It also gives you an indication of possible optimization measures but does not say whether you can actually implement them. Therefore, it is recommended to cross-check results using other services. However, one thing you should always remember is that the Google performance test is just a rough guide, and you must use it with a grain of salt.

If your site is slow, you will see a drop in your SEO strategy. Luckily, there are a number of free tools you can use to improve your page speed. PageSpeed Insights is one of the best tools to improve your page’s speed for SEO. In addition to showing you how your site is performing on the search engines, it will show you what technical factors are slowing your site down. Although it is not an official ranking factor, these metrics are part of Google’s algorithm.

If you’re in search of a free tool for evaluating your website’s speed, you should look into YSlow. This browser extension can analyze any website, even if it has several elements that need to be optimized. The evaluation system is similar to Google’s, using a traffic light system, school grade, or numerical score to give a site a score. YSlow will also tell you how the page structure fits into the underlying rule set.