Boost Your Google Page Speed With Optimole WordPress Image Compression Plugin

wordpress image compression plugin

If you’re looking to reduce the size of your images, a WordPress image compression plugin can help. Its servers can automatically resize and optimize images as they are downloaded. It also features bulk image optimization, which is great for e-commerce sites that have thousands of images. The lean user interface helps you navigate through the options. With an award-winning image optimizer, Optimole can boost your Google Page Speed score and reduce server load.

In addition to improving the look and feel of your site, images also contribute to the speed of your site. A WordPress image compression plugin optimizes the images on your site to make them load faster. Google also uses page load time as a ranking factor. When images are compressed, they take less space and therefore load more quickly. This will boost your site’s performance and boost its ranking. And with Google’s ranking factors being so important, there is no need to sacrifice quality.

A good WordPress image compression plugin should let you choose the compression level and quality of your images. A hero image should be sharp and crisp, but a small image can be compressed to a lower quality. The plugin should also list compression levels, as the human eye is not able to distinguish between lossless and lossy compression. It should also allow you to choose the lossless or lossy compression level to ensure the best image quality.