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How to Use Reusable WordPress Blocks

reusable block wordpress

Reusable blocks allow you to reuse content from one page or post on another page of your WordPress site. Once you save a block, you can edit it once and it will appear everywhere it is used. This is great for creating a global email opt-in form, or if you want to keep older information up to date on older pages. To use reusable blocks, just follow the steps outlined below. Once you’ve saved a block, you can find it in the blocks menu under ‘Reusable’.

To edit a reusable block, simply click its name and click “Edit”. This will open the block editor, allowing you to change its name and other settings. You can also add, delete, or edit a reusable block by clicking the “Export as JSON” button. The JSON file will automatically be imported to your WordPress site, so you don’t need to worry about the coding. Reusable blocks will be imported and exported to other websites through your WordPress dashboard.

When you add a new reusable block to your WordPress site, you can easily change its layout, or add a new one. The best part about reusable blocks is that they can be used over again. You can find them on ShareABlock and Gutenberg Hub. You can even download them for free. Once you’ve tried them, you can delete them if you’re not satisfied. This will save you a lot of time and effort.