Broken Links Checker

broken links checker

A broken links checker is a useful website maintenance tool. It scans the site’s homepage and high-ranking blog content for broken links and 404-sites. It also finds the URLs for any 404-pages and allows you to filter broken links according to their status code. After using the broken link checker, you can save the results and perform additional checks on the same website or other important URLs.

If you’re using WordPress, you can download a Broken Links Checker plugin. This plugin adds an entry to your menu and displays a list of broken links. When you mouse over the broken link, you’ll see a menu where you can fix it. However, you should use this plugin carefully because it can severely affect the performance of your website. We strongly recommend that you check reviews on the Broken Links Checker plugin before installing it.

Broken links are detrimental to your website’s reputation and search engine rankings. Even if the website still exists, it may have moved its content elsewhere. Broken links can prevent users from fulfilling their needs and using other resources on your site. Broken links checkers help you to identify these broken links and repair them in a simple and efficient way. You can use a broken links checker script to do this automatically. If you’re using an app, it can also help you fix broken links manually.

If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll be glad to know that Google’s broken link checker includes a built-in tool that will crawl your WordPress site. This free tool will allow you to check if any broken links are on your website. 404 links can damage your SEO and harm users’ experience. A broken link can cause a negative impact on your rankings and user loyalty, so it’s critical that you fix them as soon as possible.