How to Check Website For Broken Links

check website for broken links

There are several ways to check your website for broken links. You can use a link checker to find and report broken links, which is the most effective way to improve your website’s traffic and user experience. You can also use broken link checkers to diagnose internal and external links, so you can fix them quickly and easily. Broken links are very harmful to your online reputation and business, so it is important to fix them right away to protect your visitors’ experience.

One of the best ways to check your website for broken links is to use a free tool like Ahrefs. This free link checker will reveal any broken external links on your site, and it will show you which ones need fixing. You can also use broken link checkers such as Linkminer, which monitors broken links in real time and creates spreadsheets that you can paste into Ahrefs for analysis. These tools will help you improve your website’s rankings and get more traffic by fixing broken links.

Another way to check for broken links on your website is to use Google Analytics. Its free tool enables you to check for broken links by using the Page Title of 404 pages. To use the broken link checker, simply log in to your Google Analytics account and enter the page title of the page where the link leads to. A search box will appear. Then, click on each link that contains an error message and you’ll be able to see the page you need to fix.