How to Fix Broken Links With a Google Broken Links Checker

google broken links checker

If your website is plagued with broken links, then a broken links checker from Google can help you fix it. You can create an alert for every time a link on your website is broken, so you can take appropriate action immediately. These alerts include a list of broken links, their destination address, and the last time they were checked. To use the broken links checker, all you need to do is enter the broken link URL in the form provided and click “Check” to get the list.

A broken link checker can find out whether a link is dead or not. Several reasons can cause a broken link, including changing location, external servers going down, and expired domains. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website and you will be notified of any broken links instantly. You can even schedule automatic checks of your website, so that you can see the results as often as possible. By using the broken link checker, you will also be able to compare the results of different checking tools.

Once you’ve scanned your website with the broken links checker, it’s time to fix them. The broken link checker can also identify internal 404 errors on your website. This tool is free to download and works in all browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You can even set the broken link checker to scan the entire website so you can get a more accurate picture of how many links your website has.