How to Hide Login in WordPress

hide login wordpress

There are many reasons why you might want to hide login WordPress page. Some sites may have sensitive data, others may be at risk for hacking. If your WordPress website is vulnerable to hacker attacks, you should take steps to prevent them. By hiding the login page, you can prevent hackers from breaking into your site and stealing the data. This article will explain the various ways to hide login page in WordPress. If you are worried about hackers, you should consider using bots to bypass the login page. Bots are designed to collect information on the website, and they can even find out your username and password. This is known as the Brute Force attack.

Another reason to hide login is to keep hackers from guessing your username and password. Often, they use bots or scripts to guess the password of your login page. In order to prevent this, you should use a plugin like WPS Hide Login. This add-on allows you to modify the login URL and obfuscate it. Despite its simplicity, it is an effective security measure. Hide Login plugin requires no coding knowledge and is free to download from the WordPress Directory.

To hide login WordPress, you can add a widget to the sidebar, footer, or navigation menu. A login link widget is available in the Dashboard. If you wish to hide login WordPress, just enter the URL in the box provided in the menu. Once you have done that, save the new login URL as the default. You can then customize your website with it. If you don’t want people to type the default login URL in the box, you can add a Redirection URL to your site. This plugin can help you customize your WordPress site.