Top Image Compression WordPress Plugins

image compression wordpress plugins

When you have a lot of images to display on your website, you need to reduce their size without compromising on their quality. Image optimization is a popular option for WordPress and there are several plugins available to help you do so. Images are often large and take time to load, so you should find an image compression plugin that suits your needs. Listed below are some of the best image optimization WordPress plugins. All of these plugins can boost the speed of your website without sacrificing the quality of images.

WP Smush is a free image compression plugin for WordPress that can optimize up to 100 images a month. It supports a variety of file formats, including JPEG and PNG, and is compatible with WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery. It also integrates with Cloudflare’s CDN. Whether you want to optimize your images on your site or upload them to the cloud, WP Smush can help you.

A popular image compression plugin for WordPress is Imagify. It offers three levels of compression – lossless, lossy, and webp – and lets you choose between different compression algorithms based on the quality of the image. The plugin also supports all common image file types, such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Among the other image compression plugins for WordPress, Imagify has the best-looking Settings module. It presents your options in large, clickable buttons, and provides a Visual Comparison of each mode. The plugin is free but requires you to sign up for an API key to use the service. Imagify performed well with the default Aggressive optimization setting, but offers Normal and Ultra (more lossy) optimization settings.