WordPress Compress Images Plugin

wordpress compress images plugin

To reduce the file size of your images on WordPress, you should install a wordpress compress images plugin. There are many different options out there, but the most popular ones are JPEG, PNG, and WebP. In addition, you should look for a plugin that supports WebP images, which are a new next-generation image format developed by Google. If your images are too large, WebP will allow you to reduce the file size by up to 35% while preserving the image’s quality. Most images that you upload to your WordPress library are JPEG or PNG format. If you use a plugin that supports these image file formats, you can simply turn it on or off to optimize your images.

Another good plugin for optimizing your images on WordPress is Optimole, which connects to Amazon’s content delivery network Cloudfront to serve your images from over 225 locations. It also supports a variety of image file formats, including WebP, and gives you a visual comparison between the different compression levels. Although it does not offer lossless compression, Optimole offers three different options for optimizing your images. You can choose between High, Medium, or Low image quality.

WP Compress is another excellent option for image optimization. While it comes with many great features, it is also free, allowing you to optimize up to 100MB of images for free. With this option, you can save money on the cost of a professional license and enjoy the added benefits of unlimited image compression. If you want to optimize more than 100 images per month, WP Compress offers a monthly plan that costs $7.