WordPress Image Optimization – How to Optimize Images in WordPress

wordpress image optimization

You can optimize images in WordPress with plugins. Imagify is one such plugin. It allows you to choose different compression levels depending on your needs. Normal compression results in lossless compression, while aggressive compression will lead to some quality loss. Ultra compression, on the other hand, results in a noticeable loss of quality. You can also use this plugin to compress images from your WordPress gallery. Imagify can optimize various kinds of images, including images from web galleries and fresh image files. In addition, the plugin can preserve the original image quality.

If you use a free account, you can optimize up to 25MB of images per month. You’ll get a bonus of 25MB upon registration, and you’ll only pay for the additional GB. The plugin also supports lossy and lossless image formats. If you need to optimize larger images, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid account. You can download the latest version of this plugin from the WordPress.com website.

Another free plugin is WP Compress, which can optimize up to 250 images per month. It can optimize up to 25MB images and generate additional sizes for every image you upload. This plugin works with WooCommerce and WPML and is compatible with the WP Retina 2x standard. It also does not have any file size limits, and it works seamlessly behind the scenes. This plugin is highly recommended for optimizing your images.