How to Make the Most of WordPress Image Compression

wordpress image compression

When using WordPress, you will want to use lossless compression when possible to reduce the file size of images. Lossless compression reduces the quality of an image without sacrificing the original size. Lossy compression, on the other hand, reduces image quality without losing its metadata. Lossless compression uses a smaller file size, but this method will also reduce the image file format. To make the most of your image compression, you should use a plugin that allows you to keep the original image.

WordPress includes its own built-in image compression feature which reduces the quality of images to 80%. While this may be good for speeding up a website, it is not ideal for websites that feature photography. It is therefore vital to enable WordPress image compression if you want to use high-quality images on your website. Once you have turned on the feature, you can then modify the settings to make your images look as they do in the original size.

Another popular plugin that allows for easy image compression is Imagify. This plugin allows you to compress images with just a few clicks and offers a user-friendly dashboard for easy management. Imagify is developed by WP Media, the same company that developed WP Rocket. Imagify is an ideal choice for those who want a WordPress image compression plugin that boosts website speed. The plugin also converts images to WebP and integrates with WooCommerce.