Best Image Compression WordPress Plugins

best image compression wordpress

In this article I’ll discuss three plugins that can optimize images for WordPress. The plugins can handle a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. They can even optimize images stored outside the media library folders. The free version allows users to optimize their images on their own server. Regardless of which plugin you choose, the following options will help you optimize your images for the best performance on your WordPress site.

TinyPNG. This free plugin automatically compresses images when uploaded. It also has settings for optimizing previously uploaded images. It supports WooCommerce and allows you to choose image sizes. Although it’s free, TinyPNG has a limit of 500 uploads a month. After that, you’ll have to pay $0.009 per image to use their service. After that, you can save thousands of images on the web by paying just a few dollars a month for unlimited compression.

Optimus is another excellent WordPress plugin. It automatically optimizes uploaded images by sending them to a server for compression. As a result, the uploaded images are much smaller than the original. It’s ideal for sites that have little or no high-resolution images. Another advantage of Optimus is that it frees up disk space by reducing image sizes. This plugin does not require any technical knowledge and will automatically process images when uploaded.

Optimole was the best overall performer, with a compression result of 59.4%. TinyPNG, meanwhile, had questionable optimization. The other three contenders for best image compression wordpress are EWWW, TinyPNG, and ShortPixel. Those three plugins all had their own advantages. You should choose whichever one is most suitable for your site’s needs.