How to Use the Get_Term() Function in WordPress


The WordPress get_term() function produces a query in the object cache. Arguments are passed to the function as an array, and the returned object will be an array of terms and tags. The return value will also include the number of terms found. This method is called whenever the cache has a term matching the query. Here are a few examples of its usage. Read on to learn more about it. Also, learn about how to customize it!

The first term returned by the get_term() function is the one that matches the query. You can use the get_terms() function if you have more than one term. The $context param specifies the valid values for the $filter and get_term_by() functions. Then, you need to select a return type for the $term() function. It can be either an array or an association collection. However, it is not recommended to use null as an output parameter.

When you use the get_term() function, you must specify the taxonomy. Using the Jian Suo Fen Lei Fa taxonomy, you can specify a single term or a list of terms. If you specify a taxonomy, the get_term() function returns a list of terms. If no taxonomy matches, you will get an empty array instead. Similarly, you can use term_like() to get a list of terms that match a query.