WordPress Functions – Get Posts by Author


The get_posts WordPress function provides a way to retrieve lists of posts by author. It uses a query that you can customize to return a list of posts by author, based on the category. In this example, I’m getting three posts for a specific category. Then I use the get_posts function to show the results on a new page. The screenshot below illustrates the results. Once you’ve learned how to use get_posts, you can start using it to create author pages.

You can specify the order of returned posts by post_type, post_date, and post_time. By specifying these parameters, you can retrieve posts by any of the five basic post types: posts, pages, and custom post types. When displaying a list of posts, you can specify the post-type parameter to retrieve only the posts with the specified type of content. This way, you’ll be able to filter results by type.

If you want to display your site’s most recent posts, you can use the get_posts function to show the most popular posts. This function also works well with custom post types, such as product pages and testimonial blocks. By specifying the post-type parameter, you can retrieve posts that are more recent than the three currently displayed on a page. This functionality also supports advanced CMS features like allowing visitors to rate a post by its comment count.

There are several ways to optimize the get_posts function. To start, you should look up the types of parameters that can be used. Most commonly used parameters look like the following: posts_per_page (which specifies how many posts you want per page). Then, you can optimize the query by modifying the values for each parameter. Using the get_posts function is a useful tool for managing content on a WordPress blog.