Finding Broken Links on Your Website

finding broken links

Finding broken links on your website is an important aspect of website maintenance. These links not only make your users unhappy, but also damage your SEO efforts. Broken links should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid these problems. You can do this by using the powerful Google webmaster tools such as Google Analytics. Here are a few steps to finding broken links on your website. Let’s look at a few of them. We will start with Google Analytics.

Broken link checkers help you to find broken links on your website. Broken link checkers are popular WordPress plugins that can detect broken links. Another great way to identify broken links is through Google Search Console. In the Coverage tab, look for a 404 error page. Fix broken links and ask Google to validate them. This tool can also be used to scan external links. It will give you a list of pages that are not linked to your website.

To fix broken links, use a tool like Google Analytics. A free version of Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider will let you check websites for broken links for free. Simply type the URL of your site into the tool’s search bar and hit enter. The tool will immediately display a list of broken links. You can fix broken links by replacing them with a new one or setting up redirects. If you use a paid version, you can save and export the results to a spreadsheet for a future analysis.